S/H Rhodes Stage 88 Electronic Piano 1975

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S/H Rhodes Stage 88 MK1 Electronic Piano 1975

Classic Second Hand Bargain

Why use an emulator when the real thing is right here?

Fender Rhodes Stage 88 Mark 1. Dated as 1975 just as the 'Fender' bit of the name was removed by CBS in order that non-Fender dealers could retail them.

There's nothing like playing a proper Rhodes EP. Run it through a nice pre-amp and get the overdriven EP sound you've always been dreaming of.

Condition is really good for a 46 year old instrument. The first owner used it to entertain on a cruise ship, then it went in to a family home. Lastly it was moved to a studio where it has been ever since. So it could be said it has had a gentle life really.

It all works as it should - there are no missing tines or pads and it sounds truly amazing.

Please note: We aren't going to be sending this so it'll be collection only.