Yamaha Recording Custom 14x6.5 Aluminium Snare

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Yamaha Recording Custom 14x6.5 Aluminium Snare

Originally launched in 1975, the Yamaha Recording Custom drum kit, or the Yamaha 9000 as it was known back then, has become an industry standard in the studio.

Delivering an incredible, studio-ready sound, it is no wonder why the Recording Custom series is widely regarded as being the most recorded drum kit in history.

Directly collaborating with legendary drummer, Steve Gadd, Yamaha have re-designed the Recording Custom drum series and improving it in almost every way, upgrading it to ensure it perfectly suits modern drumming styles and recording technology.

Precision engineered and designed to deliver an incredible snare sound that is perfect for recording in the studio and delivering incredible, versatile snare sound as part of your live drum kit.

Great Addition to The Recording Custom Series

For three years, Yamaha worked closely with legendary Steve Gadd to improve on the classic Recording Custom drum series. This unique collaboration resulted in an all-around improvement of the Yamaha Recording Custom drums series.

One major addition to the Recording Custom series that Gadd requested was metal snare drums and so stainless steel, aluminium and brass snare drums have all entered the Recording Custom series with a bang!

Steve Gadd personally requested that the aluminium snare drum be seamless due to his preference for aluminium die-cast hoops when playing with this particular snare, while the other snare drums in this line come with 2.3mm steel triple-flanged dyna hoops.

Great Sound, Great Performance

Allowing you to get the perfect sound to suit your needs, the Yamaha Recording Custom Snare has a really wide tuning range.

Being aluminium, it has a very dry tone providing a really precise reflection of your performance; perfect for intricate playing. It also allows the snare sound to cut through the mix, breaking through with a powerful presence even in loud and heavy music.

You’ll also enjoy its wide dynamic range, making it a versatile snare drum suitable for all genres of music and drumming styles.

A heavy-duty Q-type strainer has been used, bolstering the snare drum and ensuring a solid, smooth operation while allowing for easy adjustment and replacement of the snare.

Traditionally, Yamaha snare drums usually have a metal centre bead on the interior drum but on the newly designed Recording Custom snare drum, Yamaha have fixed the centre bead to the outside of the drum.

This new design element allowing the Recording Custom snare drum to produce a more open sound than their conventional snares, giving you a more crisp, articulate performance.

Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Drum Aluminium 14” X 6.5” Specs:

Shell Thickness: 1.2mm

Material: Aluminium

Butt Side Strainer: DC3 Type

Release Side Strainer: Q Type

Bottom Head: Remo Snare Ambassador

Batter Head: Remo Coated Ambassador

Lug: Newly Designed One-Piece Lug

Hoop: 3.0mm Aluminium Die-Cast Hoop

Bearing Edge: 45 Degrees

Diameter: 14”

Depth: 6.5”