Yamaha Recording Custom Birch 14x8 Snare: Real Wood

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Yamaha Recording Custom Birch 14x8 Snare: Real Wood

Recording Custom wood Snare Drums feature:

One-piece lugs;

The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. Our high-tension one-piece lugs ensure optimum sustain for the core sound, producing a crisp, articulate tone.

6ply, 6mm, 100%(US) Birch Shells;

In addition to their punchy power, birch shells are known to reduce unwanted noise and prevent interference when drums are set up side-by-side. The unique sonic characteristics of birch wood ensure that each stroke is clearly delineated, making it widely considered to be the ideal choice for recording environments.

Q Type Strainer;

The heavy-duty Q-type strainer is robust whilst offering solid, stable and smooth operation, along with adjustment and snare replacement.

Depth: 8" 5.5"

Diameter: 14" 14"

Hoop: Regular Hoop (10Hole)

Lugs: One Piece Lug

Shell Thickness 6ply 6.0mm

Material: Birch

Snare bed: 2.7mm


Butt Side DC3 type

Release Side Q type

Bottom Head: Remo US Snare Ambassador

Batter Head: Remo US Coated Ambassador

Snare wire: Regular 25 Strand/High Carbon Steel

Bearing Edge: 30 degree / R1.5